Creating Excitement Creating Excitement for Everyone Involved with Our Company Creating Excitement Creating Excitement for Everyone Involved with Our Company

Creating Excitement Creating Excitement for Everyone Involved with Our Company


Company Overview

LENARD CO., LTD. runs a beauty equipment sales business, beauty consulting business, and salon operation business.
Our company strives to further improve customers' lives through beauty so that they can attain the greatest happiness.

Company name LENARD CO., LTD.
Location of the headquarters

11F, Tokyo Front Terrace, 2-3-14 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo 140-0002, Japan

本社 本社
List of offices
(Excluding the headquarters)

Osaka Office2F, Sanwa Toyosaki Bldg. 2, 5-2-2 Toyosaki, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka 531-0072, Japan

Fukuoka Office12F, Hakata Ekimae City Building, 1-9-3 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka 812-0011, Japan

Nagoya Office3F, Marunochi US Building, 3-15-22 Naka Ward, Marunochi, Nagoya City, Aichi 460-0002, Japan

List of group companies

Mira Esthesia Co., Ltd.Business description: Esthetic salon operation

Mirai Co., Ltd.Business description: Esthetic salon operation

Ohana Co., Ltd.Business description: Esthetic salon operation

Sakura Design Co., Ltd.Business description: Interior design and construction work

Lenard Tech Co., Ltd.Business description: Beauty equipment rental and maintenance

Message from the CEO

Lenard Group CEO Komei Mihara

The mission of the Lenard Group is to constantly improve our relationship with our customers and strengthen the bond among our employees by giving joy and excitement to all of our customers and employees so that everyone involved with our company can have a happy and successful life.

Rather than merely pursuing profit growth, we aim to solve the root causes of customers’ problems and worries and satisfy everyone as individuals and as a company so that each employee can interact with customers earnestly and feel their own growth while achieving their goals in our salons. We intend to perpetually provide exciting services that exceed our customers’ needs and grow every day so that everyone can continue to feel their life satisfaction and happiness.

I also hope to convey the two things that I value most—consideration towards others and passion—through our consultations and seminars.

In the beauty industry, most of the staff and customers are women. It is an industry built by women and taken care by women.
In addition to becoming the gold standard in the beauty industry, I hope to go beyond and provide a work style model that will change women’s employment in all of Japan.

Lenard Group
CEO Komei Mihara

Business descriptions

Manufacture and sales of beauty equipment

Our company’s beauty equipment was created for the sole purpose of providing utmost satisfaction to people when they visit salons, thus ensuring the long-term success of salons. We do not only seek to increase profit, but to bring smiles and joy to customers and the staff by making our products “a salon’s ticket to success” so that salons can anticipate a bright future ahead.

Machine lineup

  • BYMACH PRO|Manufacture and sales of beauty equipment


    Professional laser hair removal machine containing seven pioneering technologies, including the patented iontophoresis (patent No. 6707234). A full body hair removal can be completed at an amazingly fast rate of 15 minutes, allowing salons to increase customers, contracts, and price significantly.

  • BYMACH mini|Manufacture and sales of beauty equipment

    BYMACH mini

    A compact and budget-friendly BYMACH, it has capabilities equivalent to a regular BYMACH, despite its small size! With its patented technologies, including iontophoresis, this high-speed hair removal machine will bring success to salons.

  • MAGNEAT|Manufacture and sales of beauty equipment


    This weight-loss training machine using electromagnetic pulses can help you lose weight while you are sleeping. Turning it on for 15 minutes is equivalent to doing 10,000 sit-ups. It is 50 to 100 times more effective than conventional training exercises. The surprising sensation and astounding benefits help salons achieve success.


We develop salons for direct management throughout the country by passing on the tried-and-tested know-how for success that we have accumulated through our salon management practices, organizing management seminars, providing individual consulting support for salons, and so on. As a company that has done thousands of salon consultations, we are uniquely positioned to offer support for salons to achieve success.

Operation of esthetic schools

We offer schools for skill improvements, such as lectures on increasing the salon price and for gaining knowledge/techniques, acquiring certificates, and counseling.

Operation of esthetic salons

We use our company’s beauty equipment to operate more than 20 salons ourselves in Japan, including hair removal salons, total beauty salons, training studios, and esthetic salons for weight loss.

Development and sales of cosmetics

Achieve healthy beauty with doctor-developed cosmetics for salon use. We develop and sell products that address our customers’ concerns and help them feel the benefits and achieve their dreams.

Introduction of staff

We match job-seekers and salons to resolve the problems faced by the beauty industry of high turnover rate and lack of experience.


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