Message of President


The success of our customer is our success.

Lenard Co., Ltd. is determined to contribute to our customers and our staff with happiness and excitement. We partner with our customers to ensure that they meet their business needs and make better relationship with our customers.
By providing pleasure and excitement to customers and employees, we aim at making better relationship with customers and deepening close bonds with our employees, so that people involved with our business can live a happy and successful life.

We approach problems from fundamental and strive to solve our customer’s problems and exceed our customer’s satisfaction.

Our goal is to support happiness lifestyle for our customers and we aim to exceed our customer’s satisfaction by providing continuous excitement and high level service.

Furthermore, by providing consulting services and seminar, I hope I could share the two value I cherish the most: ‘being considerate to others’ and ‘passion for work’ to all of you.

President Komei Mihara